Enjoy Trip To Churu: Exciting Things You Need To Know

Oct 07, 2023 By Sean William

Churu is a deserted area in Rajasthan and is also considered a gateway to the Thar desert. It is famous for its amazing architectural havelis that speak the ancient stories of Rajasthan. If you like to explore history, you should plan your trip to Churu.

To enjoy the trip, you must know what are the best things you can do for good memories at Churu. Here, you will read about Churu, the top places to visit, the best time, and the famous food you can eat there.

About Churu

It is a small city located in the Jangladesh area of Rajasthan. It is almost 200 km away from Jaipur and is also linked to many cities of Rajasthan via the same route. This place is a perfect getaway for tourists who want to explore the history and unique culture of any region.

This colorful and attractive region consists of camels, Havelis, opulent structures, vibrant colors, etc. The local people of this area are friendly and welcoming, which adds charm to this area. The area of this city is smaller compared to Jaipur. So, plan your trip to Churu for an amazing experience.

Top Places To Visit In Churu

There is a remarkable attraction for the tourists about the places to visit because of the architecture and havelis. There are many places to visit in this city, but some are the top attractions that no one can deny. Thus, the following are the top five places that you must visit in Churu.

Tal Chappar Wildlife Sanctuary

It is among the most exciting tourist places for a trip to Churu, where you can have thrilling and adventurous experiences. The best thing you can do here is to watch the wildlife, like watching unique birds. You can also capture your best moments with them.

You'll also spot other birds and animals to make your experience more charming. This place is located opposite Karni temple, where you can visit any day of the week. But it has a fixed time for opening and closing: 5:30 am to 6 pm. Moreover, it will cost you INR 20 per person as an entry fee.

Aath Kambh Chhatri

It is a beautiful well with the steps which is under the administration of Archeological Survey of India. The structure of the well makes it an attractive spot for tourists. The water of this well is green, which is not in use but serves as an attraction for tourists.

This well is located in the Abhaneri district of Rajasthan. It was constructed to reserve a large amount of water. There is a room in the well that was built for the Royal family to have a rest. However, it has 3500 steps and is 30 meters deep. You can visit this place to know about this part of Rajasthan history.

Sethani Ka Johara

It is a water reservoir in Churu with an ancient history. The wife of Bhagwan Das Bagla built this reservoir in 1956 for research purposes. Today, this reservoir is a spot for birds and animals, which are an attraction for tourists.

Babosa Dham Churu

It is a religious place to visit during your trip to Churu that has some history. People visit this place from all over India because of their belief linked with it. It is believed that if you tie a coconut here, your wishes will come true.

Also, this activity may eliminate all incurable diseases. Most of the tourists came to fulfill their wishes and find solutions to their problems. However, it is open 24 hours each day for tourists.

Churu Fort

It is a historical place built by Thakur Kushal Singh in 1964. An interesting history is linked to this fort, making it an attractive spot for tourists. The purpose of constructing this fort was to protect the people of the state. You can place this historical fort in Churu at any time.

Churu Famous Food

Because it has the influence of Rajputs and the Mughals, this city is known for various delicious foods. Following are some famous foods of the Churu;

  • Khata
  • Ker Sangri Ki Sabzi
  • Khichdi
  • Mangodi
  • Gatte Ki Sabzi
  • Rabdi

Churu Market

The Churu market is also famous among the tourists. When you visit Churu, don't forget to buy things from the market. Here are a few things that you can buy in Churu;

  • Local Handicrafts
  • Pottery
  • Furniture
  • Tie And Dye Fabrics
  • Millet
  • Locally Made Pickles
  • Sandalwood Items
  • Woolen Items

Best Time To Visit

To visit these famous historical places in Churu, you must see a suitable time to fully enjoy your trip. Thus, the best time for visiting Churu is in the winter months. These months are from November to February.

This is the best season because of the cool weather that makes the visit quite pleasant. The nights here are cooler compared to the daytime. If you love camping, it is the best place to camp at night.

How To Reach?

It is easy for tourists to reach Churu because it is connected to the whole country via road and the railway station. Trains from all over India are connected with Churu. You can book a seat on the train departing to Churu. After enjoying a trip to Churu, you can book a seat on the train departing to your city.

However, if you want to travel via bus, you can travel in both private and public buses without any difficulty. Moreover, there is no direct flight to Churu. Instead, you can travel to the Jaipur International Airport and then travel to Churu via bus or train.

Churu is 200 km away from Jaipur, which you will cover in 4-5 hours via road and 8-9 hours via train. There are many buses and railway stations in Jaipur that are connected to the Churu. You can choose any bus or train to reach Churu from Jaipur.


A trip to Churu is all about knowing historical and cultural aspects. If you are willing to know the regional historical aspects, you can plan your trip here. Read all the sections to know what things are best to visit and enjoy.

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