Ramanagara Sunrise Trek With Rappelling: How To Reach, Time and Cost

Oct 07, 2023 By Sean William

Ramanagara is a famous place in Karnataka because of adventurous trips like trekking. You'll explore the hidden beauty and nature during the Ramanagara Sunrise Trek. There is an admirable view of the sunrise at the top of the hill in the morning mist.

If you love the beauty of nature and like adventure as well, you can choose this trekking with rappelling. Here, you'll read about the time, cost, and distance of trekking. Also, we'll discuss how to reach the trekking point. So, read the article thoroughly before heading towards your trek.

Ramanagara Sunrise Trek Timings

The climate and temperature of this place remain pleasant all over the years except monsoon. So, it is recommended to avoid this trekking from June to August. You can plan your trekking in any month suitable to you to see the beauty of the sunrise view at the hill.

In the monsoon season, rain may disturb your trekking plan, so it is recommended not to trek within these months. If you are thinking of Ramanagara trek timings, you can estimate 12 hours. During your trek, you'll see sights like forest, leopard, bear, etc. Seeing different birds at different places is also a memorable experience for you.

However, you can try day or night trek based on your interest. The experience with the night trek is another level of excitement. Night trek is especially amazing if you love to adventure at night. It is for you if you want to see the sunrise within the 12-hour trek. So, it will be your Ramanagara Sunrise Trek for the night.

Ramanagara Sunrise Trek Cost

Before planning any trip, you must plan the overall cost based on your budget. But there is a flexible price you can have for any trek or tour. It depends on various factors like transport, accessories in your trek bag, food, and other such things.

We can tell you an average Ramanagara sunrise trek price range, which is INR 1250 to INR 4500, depending on which package you are interested in. However, you can calculate an estimated amount you need for the trek. Just focus on all the things you need and book a suitable package for it.

You will see the price of the package and can estimate your Ramanagara Sunrise trek cost. Some travel agencies also provide discounts on different packages. Thus, you can avail this opportunity to save your money and have a better package plan.

Moreover, you can include the Ramanagara sunrise trek ticket price or entry fee in your budget list. Ramanagara costs INR 75 per person as an entry fee. If you are trekking with family or friends in a car, you'll be charged INR 50 per car.

If the entry fee is included in your package, you don't have to pay any extra amount. But if you want to do trekking on your own, you can explore different packages to see what you need for this trek. Make a list of all the needed items and calculate the cost as per the list.

Ramanagara Sunrise Trek Distance

To see the sunrise view of Ramanagara hill, you need to reach the top of it. The peak is at 2451 ft height, making the trek more adventurous. However, you have to cover a 50 km distance for Ramanagara Sunrise Trek from Bangalore.

But the distance you need to cover from the trekking point to the peak is 4 to 5 km. You'll see a rocky path with thick forest on the trek trail and can enjoy sightseeing during this trek. Moreover, you can travel the distance from Bangalore to Ramanagara Sunrise Trek point via the transportation of your choice.

If you are booking the trek from a travel agency, you can ask them about the transportation they are providing. But if you are traveling on your own, you can choose the type of transportation based on your interest. We have discussed transportation in the next section to help you choose the suitable one for you.

How To Reach?

For the Ramanagara Sunrise Trek, you need to climb one of the Ramanagara hills by rappelling. You can reach the Ramanagara trekking point from Bangalore either via train or road. Choose the transportation that you like and have a budget for.


There are reasons why people choose to travel by train. If you feel unwell in a bus or car, you should prefer to travel via train. You can also travel via train to enjoy the surrounding environment and sightseeing. But first, you should check which train to Ramanagara from Bangalore is available for you.

You can reach the Ramanagara railway station within an hour and thus start your Ramanagara Sunrise Trek. The distance you'll travel by train will be 45 km from Bangalore. Thus, make your trek memorable by traveling with peace.


If you enjoy road traveling, you can choose either a bus or car to travel from Bangalore to Ramanagara. There are many routes you can choose to travel, but NH275 is the most suitable route.

However, to travel via bus, book a seat at the Kempegowda bus station or Satellite bus stop. It will take you from a direct route of Bangalore to Ramanagaram bus stop. You can hire a taxi or auto from here to reach the trekking point.

Depending on the traffic, it will take 1 or 1.5 hours to reach there. It is recommended to use Google Maps before traveling. In this way, you can estimate the time it will take to travel there. However, purchase a bus ticket keeping in mind the time of trekking.

Furthermore, if you want to travel in your car, it is the most convenient way if you don't feel ill by traveling via it. It will take 1 hour and 15 minutes to cover a 45- 47 km distance by car. So, take a map and travel by estimating the time.


Plan your Ramanagara Sunrise Trek for adventure and see the beauty of nature. Read about the distance, cost, and timing in this article to make your trek the best adventurous experience.

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