Let's Have an Astonishing Trekking Experience in Jaipur

Oct 07, 2023 By Sean William

Are you getting bored in your house and want to explore some fresh and green places? Being a countryman of India, you must visit Jaipur for trekking to keep yourself fresh and vibrant.

You may ask that; trekking? In Jaipur? Yes, it's true. Jaipur is not only a mesmerizing place to explore the cultural heritage and architectural designs but also, it is an amazing place for trekking as well. In monsoon weather, you can stare at the beauty of lush green hills and enjoy waterfalls in their serenity.

Moreover, these wonderful treks are the best for having the best experience of trekking in Jaipur.

Famous Treks in Jaipur

Trekking and hiking is an amazing activity to praise nature and explore the beauty of the earth. When you are on vacation or planning a trip to Jaipur, don't ever miss trekking in Jaipur. This mesmerizing place will never let you go without losing your mind in the charm of this supernatural place.

Without any ado, let's dig in to know more about the famous trekking places in Jaipur.

Water Valley Trek

The first trek on my list in Jaipur is the Water Valley Trek, which is also known as the Hathni Kund trek. This astounding place is located on the way when you are heading towards the Nahargarh fort. While traveling towards the destination, you can see enchanting scenes of lush green hills and the incredible beauty of the valley.

The starting point of this trek is Charan Mandir which is situated near the Nahargarh fort and ends in the Aathunia waterfall. You can complete this way by walking because the route surface is smooth and short from the Charan Mandir.

Moreover, different families come here and enjoy their picnic and many friends groups visit this place and enjoy parties on the trek. Also, this place is best for the people who love to live in a crowded and raucous atmosphere.

This is the best hidden trekking spot in Jaipur and best for the beginners to enjoy their trekking journey. In the surroundings of the trek, different flowers are blooming, and their fragrance will enhance the beauty of the trek. It can be risky for the trekkers to trek in the rainy season due to loose gravel on the trail.

Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Trek

Next on the list of the most famous Treks in Jaipur is the Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev Trek. This wonderful and soothing trek provides the trekkers with fresh air and a clean environment. A temple is located at the end of this trek, where many people come for prayer and also enjoy trekking on their way to the temple.

The trek is located near the Nahargarh Biological Park, which is in the Nahargarh Forest Jaipur. You can use two routes for trekking here, but be careful because the trek is in the Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary, so trekking in dawn and dust can be risky.

The first route to the trek is from the Nahargarh Biological Park because the route is simple and easy; not many ups and downs are present in this route. From the VKI area, you can easily reach the temple and complete your trekking around.

Another route that you can use to reach this trek is from Sagar Lake, which is a bit tricky but adventurous and famous for trekking. Trekking and hiking here can be a bit tricky as compared to the Hathni Kund trek, and it is lengthy in comparison to the Hathni Kund trek.

Chulgiri Trek

Another amazing trek in Jaipur is the Chulgiri trek with it's incredible scenes of nature. This trek is famous among many trekkers because Digamber Jain temples are located at this place.

Trekking at this point can be scary because many leopards are wandering along the route. After all, this trek is located on the border with Jhalana forest. The routes of Zone 1, which is also known as Jhalana Leopard Safari Park, ended near the bottom of these magnificent Chulgiri hills.

Instead of opting for the path of forest, you can use a staircase that ascends to the temple. While crossing these stairs, you can experience the rich green views and panoramic vistas of nature. This must-visit trek is located on Agra Road near Ghat ki Guni in Jaipur.

Trekking is just fun on this trek because the whole path is paved, so there will be no risk of ups and downs and loose gravel while trekking. Beginners can use this trek for their trekking practice, and it is also a good place for cardio patients.

Nahargarh Fort Trek

The next famous trek in Jaipur on my list is the Nahargarh Fort Trek, which is located at the base of Nahargarh Fort. The trek has cobbled routes and has a steep ascend, which can be challenging for beginners, but gradually, they will be used to it.

This is a short trail that is beneficial for regular trekkers and for those who are fitness freaks and enjoy daily walks and other activities to keep themselves active. The beginning of the trek is from Purani Basti, which has cobbled paths, and ends at an old stepwell called Baori in Nahargarh Fort.

Trekking is not so tough at the height of Nahargarh Fort Trek which is 200m, if you have fit health, then you can complete trekking in just 15 minutes without any delay. In the evening, the trek gives an amazing view, that's why many tourists are visiting this trek for hiking and trekking nowadays.

Jhalana Trek

The last on my list is Jhalana Trek, which is famous for its insane beauty and Dhok trees. People visit this trek to watch the Jhalana Leopard Safari and enjoy their trekking. There are many other adorable places to visit in Jhalana where you can rest and stare at the attractions of nature. Along with trekking, you can also experience hiking and mountaineering in the Jhalana treks.

Final Thoughts

After in-depth research, I've found the best places for trekking in Jaipur. All of these trekking places welcome the trekkers and hikers with their enchanting beauty and calmness. Moreover, these treks are easy to trek for beginners as well, and some of them can be challenging for beginners, but gradually, they would cope with it.

So, you must visit the treks in Jaipur and share your experience in the comment section as well. Have a safe trekking!

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