Misty Woods Resort, Coorg - Everything You Need to Know

Oct 09, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Do you want to have an amazing time? And searching to find the best resort? If yes, then you should definitely give Misty Woods Resort Coorg a try. This resort is surely a complete package. You can enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities and delicious food and can see spectacular scenes.

In this article, we will dive deep and shed light on facilities, accommodations, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started without any further ado.

Misty Woods Resort, Coorg - Overview

Before we delve into the details of the resort’s facilities, it is imperative to give a quick overview. When it comes to the location, it is situated in Karnataka.

Doubtlessly, it is one of the best resorts to have a ravishing experience. And receiving the prestigious TripAdvisor Excellence award is a testament to this fact. You will surely be surprised to know that Misty Woods Resort has received this award a whopping six times.

It is also worth mentioning here that it is located at a height of 3800 feet above sea level. So, you can enjoy the breathtaking views by staying in this resort. They are surely rejuvenating and will recharge you with energy and positivity. Moreover, they also offer Misty Woods Resort Coorg packages, so you can also avail them.

Now, let's discuss further about this enchanting place.

Types of Accommodations in Misty Woods Resort, Coorg

Misty Woods Resort, Coorg, allows you to get the accommodation according to your taste and preference. So, depending on your choice, you can pick either a mansion or a cottage. Here, we will discuss the details of all the accommodation options that Misty Woods Resort offers. You can further head to the Misty Woods Resort Coorg reviews for more clarity.

Mansion House

We can define the Misty Woods Resort Mansion House as a courtyard house that is C-shaped. These mansion houses have independent rooms, and they also have attached bathrooms. So, you can have a relaxed and comfy time while staying in this house.

2. Vernacular Style Cottages

The second type of accommodation where you can stay are Vernacular Style Cottages. If you are a fan of Kerala-style architecture, then you would surely enjoy staying at these cottages. They are made from wood and clay hollow bricks. Therefore, staying at these cottages will allow you to relish a wonderful and captivating vibe.

3. Fairy Tale Cottages

As the name reflects, fairy-take cottages surely promise a fairy tale experience. These are built in the Western style. If you stay in these cottages, you can glimpse mesmerizing sites. They allow you to see the jaw-dropping waterfall views and immerse in natural beauty. Plus, there is also a fireplace in this cottage. So, you can just sit around the fireplace, enjoy your favorite beverage or food, and have an unforgettable experience.

Why Should You Pick Misty Woods Resort, Coorg?

You must be wondering why we are stressing so much that this resort is a must-visit. Explore these amazing features of the Misty Woods Resort, Coorg, and after that, you will surely agree with us. Moreover, you can also contact Misty Woods, Resort's contact number, to get more details about the facilities.

Scrumptious Food

Can any trip become top-notch if the food is substandard? Obviously never. So, if you are a foodie who is always hunting for places that offer great variety and taste of food, then this resort is a must-visit place.

It offers you multi-cuisine food. Keep in mind that if you are an in-house guest, then you can enjoy a wide range of delicious dishes. You can satisfy your taste buds with North Indian, Kerala, Coorg, Chinese, and Continental foods.

So, by staying in this resort, you can enjoy the delicious food along with the picturesque sites. And surely, no combination can be better than this. It will undoubtedly play a significant role in elevating your experience and will make it top-tier. Plus, Misty Woods Resort Coorg reviews also show that the food of this place is amazing.

Outdoor Activities

When you are on a tour, relaxing and having a great time, your body needs outdoor activities, too. Especially if you are on a family tour, you have to do some outdoor door activities to relish some quality time. It will also foster the bond between the family members.

So, Misty Woods Resort, Coorg, provides you with various outdoor activity options. Here are some of the activities that you can enjoy at the Misty Woods Resort, Coorg:

  • Plantation Trek Tour: You can enjoy a tour on this trek. Along the way, you can see and explore the spices.

  • Trekking: You can go trekking and can reach the peak named Thadiyante Mol. It is pertinent to mention here that it is the highest peak in Coorg.
  • Off-Road Jeep Trip: You can also enjoy a thrilling off-road trip and can have a great time.
  • Natural Waterfall Visit: A natural waterfalls visit is another fantastic experience. It will allow you to connect with nature more deeply.
  • Campfire: Another exciting adventure you can enjoy at Misty Woods Resort is the campfire. You can sit around it and relax and enjoy some much-needed cozy time with your loved ones.
  • ATV Experience: You can also have an adrenaline-rushing ATV ride along the plantation trail.

The Pond

Another fantastic facility that Misty Woods Resort provides to its customers is the pond. It is a mesmerizing open-air swimming pool set. You can enjoy swimming in the open air. It is located in an extremely peaceful and calm place. So, it surely helps in doubling the fun and thrill. Moreover, there is also a children's pool along with it.

The Banyan

The Banyan is house to various fun-filled activities. Whether you are an indoor game enthusiast or a fitness freak, you can enjoy this place equally. It has different indoor game setups such as Table Tennis Table, Pool Table, Chess, Carom, and Soccer.

Reviews of Customers About Misty Woods Resort, Coorg

Misty Woods Resort Coorg's reviews are mostly positive. People are generally happy with the quality of service and ambiance provided at this resort. According to the reviews on TripAdvisor, it is a great place to spend time with family.

Moreover, they were also praising the chef. So, overall, we can say that customers really enjoyed their stay at Misty Woods Resort. If you are still confused and want to discover more, then you can connect them via the Misty Woods Resort Coorg contact number.


To sum up the article, I must say that a resort needs to give you a tranquil vibe. It will assist you in healing the burnout and getting ready to welcome the daily hustle and bustle of life with new energy.

And when it comes to the resort with a peaceful vibe, Misty Woods, Resort Coorg steps in as a superhero. So, by booking this resort, you can surely indulge in a great experience. You can also avail yourself of Misty Woods Resort Coorg packages.

Happy Vacationing!

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