Fishing In Manali For Exciting Experience

Oct 07, 2023 By Sean William

Do you want to have an exciting experience in Manali? Fishing in Manali is the best option for adventure near the river. There are many people who are attracted to spending time fishing near the river. You can also have this opportunity if you want to go on a weekend tour.

If you are planning a trip via a travel agency, they'll provide safety measures and guidance during your tour. So, have an exciting experience by fishing in the river. This article will tell you the best way to go fishing. So read the guide to learn all about it.

About Manali Fishing

Manali is located in the Northern side of India, having rivers with brown and rainbow trout fish. These rivers are also attractive areas of India for tourists, which are best to visit during summer. In different seasons, you will see different types of fish that you can catch and have a good meal at the end.

There are different environment-friendly techniques to catch fish in the Manali River. You can have the best fishing in Manali with the help of experts and have a pile of fish at the end as a reward. You'll have the opportunity to fish a wide diversity of fish in different types of water.

If you like trout fishing in Manali, you have the opportunity to plan a tour in one of the Himachal spots. Thus, focus on the spot that has trout fish in the water. Himachal's streams are like a storage of brown and rainbow trout. Beas River is also famous for having a lot of fish that could be your meal at the end of the day.

Fishing In Beas River, Manali

Fishing in Manali Beas River is an amazing experience to get a pile of fish. There are certain things that you should keep in mind before going to Beas River for fishing. These are;

  • It is necessary to keep the surrounding area clean while sitting there. Trash can make the river an uncomfortable place for the fish. Hence, there'll be no fish after some time.
  • Fishing in Manali at Beas River depends on a specific season. So, make sure to plan your tour in a suitable month.
  • For extra security, it is recommended to come with a swimsuit and extra clothing. You can change your clothes if wet after fishing.

About Beas River

It is located on the north side of the Solang Valley, covered with snow. This is also known as the snow spot situated at 8,500 feet near Beas Kund. Along with the fishing, you'll see the breathtaking view of the glaciers and the snow-capped mountains.

The river is a breathtaking place that offers many other things you can do besides fishing. It is among the best fishing in Manali, and the place is amazing to visit for fun. Whenever you plan to visit Manali, trout fishing in Manali must be on your list.

Fishing In Beas River Guide

Fishing in Beas River is a fun and exciting experience for travelers who love to have adventures. Whenever you reach the site, you must follow all the guidelines to avoid any obstacle or accident. Safety is the first thing that you should keep in mind while Fishing in Manali.

This trip will not only give you excitement, but you'll also enjoy the surrounding nature as well. However, you'll learn different skills in fishing if you are a beginner. Experts will show you how to do fishing in an effective way.

If you are worried about the angler in fishing, the experts will help you in setting the angler before fishing. For beginners, this trip is the best opportunity to learn what you don't know about fishing. Moreover, you can chill by sitting near the river if you want a calm place to visit.

Refresh your mind by visiting Manali for the fishing and breathtaking views of the surrounding environment. However, if you catch the 1 kg trout fish, the trout fish Manali price will be INR 1000. Also, you'll have a good meal at night after spending the whole day near the river.

How To Reach?

Manali is located in the north region of Himachal Pradesh, and you can travel there by three different means. If you want to travel by air, road, or train, you can choose after reading about them.


To experience fishing in Manali, first you need to reach Manali and then to the river. If you want to travel by air, you need to reach the Manali airport, which is the closest airport to Manali. Book a flight from your city towards Manali and see how much time and cost it requires.

If you find it affordable, you can book a flight and reach the Manali airport. From here, you need to hire a cab or taxi to finally reach your destination.


Traveling by train is also adventurous because you can admire the outside view from the window. If you want to enjoy the outside scenes while riding a vehicle, you should choose a train for fishing in Manali.

The nearest railway station to Manali is the Joginder Nagar railway station. You can book your seat from your city on a train that will drop you off at Manali at a suitable time. From here, you need to take a taxi, cab, or bus to reach your desired location.


To reach Manali from your city, the cheapest and easiest way is by road. Manali is connected to the major cities of the country like Delhi, Chandigarh, etc. You can enjoy your road trip before reaching Manali for fishing.

Thus, take a bus or your private cheap from your city to reach the bus station in Manali. From here, you need to take a taxi or cab to reach your destination.


Fishing in Manali is not just adventurous but also a breathtaking experience for those who want some free time to calm their mind. Read the above guide to know in detail about fishing near the Manali River and how to get there.

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