Plan Trek To Sharavathi Valley For Exciting Tour

Oct 07, 2023 By Sean William

Trekking is an adventurous trip to feel the beauty of nature and breathe in a fresh environment. When it comes to the trek to Sharavathi Valley, it is a trip for adventure enthusiasts. The valley is a place to have a memorable experience with nature and explore its hidden beauty.

It is a breathtaking place with many gorgeous sights and adventures. You'll explore and discover different places during this trek. Here, you'll read the information on routes and how to reach your destination. Also, we have discussed different activities you can do during trekking.

Different Routes For Trek To Sharavathi Valley

You can enjoy the Sharavathi Valley view point while trekking after choosing a trail. It is the highest place where you can see the overall valley in a single view. There are three different trails based on your interest that also help you to explore different places during the trek.

Trail 1:

This trail includes the trekking that begins at Kattinakaru in the Shimoga district. The path will then forward to Belligundi and the falls, where you can enjoy the sightseeing.

It will take three days to trek while stopping at places like dams, waterfalls, and other places for sightseeing. If you love to see the natural beauty, you can choose this trail during your trek to Sharavathi Valley.

Trail 2:

This trail is an alternative to the first trail for Sharavathi Valley trekking. It starts from Karni, located in the south of New Delhi. It continues to Belligundi, which is followed by Padubeedu. It is a tribular area where you can enjoy camping at one of the houses. If you love camping, you should choose this place to trek.

Trail 3:

This trek trail starts from the Bheemeshwara cross and goes to the Bheemeshwara Falls for sightseeing. Then, the trail is forwarded to Miyyalli, Halgodu, Kanoor, and the Sharavathi River. You can also see the hidden beauty by visiting Dabbe Falls during your trek to Sharavathi Valley.

How To Reach?

You can cross the distance of one of the Bangalore treks, the Sharavathi Valley Trek, by different means of transportation. Thus, choose the transportation based on your budget, need, and interest.


If you are short on time and want to reach your destination quickly, you can choose the air transportation. And if you have the budget, you must choose it to travel to the starting point of the trek.

The nearest airport where you have to land is the Kempegowda International Airport. The other airport you can choose to land near the trekking point is the Mangalore Airport. These are about 350 and 140 Km away, respectively.

However, you can choose the airport as per your needs. But if you want to land near the valley, you can choose these two options. However, these flights are connected to cities including Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh, etc.


If you don't want to travel by air, you can choose the railway track to travel the distance to the trekking point. You can also enjoy the surrounding area while traveling. However, the nearest railway station is in the Shimoga district, named Bangalore railway station.

There is also another railway station you can choose to travel by train; Mangalore railway station. Thus, if you are planning weekend treks from Bangalore, you should choose this option. These railway stations will take almost 2 hours to reach your destination.


If you choose the road to reach the trekking point, you can use your own vehicle or travel by bus. If you are driving from Bangalore to Sharavathi Valley, you can enjoy the route via Sagar. However, you can take a bus to Sagar, from where you have to travel further 20 kilometers to reach the destination.

Distance From The Nearby Places

Different cities have different distances for trek to Sharavathi Valley. Following are the distances of some major cities to the valley.

  • Delhi: 2009 km
  • Mumbai: 735 km
  • Bangalore: 331 km
  • Hyderabad: 645 km
  • Kolkata: 2110 km
  • Chennai: 603 km
  • Manipal: 163 km
  • Chandigarh: 2272 km
  • Trivandrum: 676 km

Activities To Do During Trek To Sharavathi Valley

Sharavathi Valley is located in the western Ghats of Karnataka in Shimoga district. It is a beautiful place with amazing waterfalls, streams, and evergreen valleys. It also has trees that enhance the beauty of the overall area. The beauty of this place is mainly because of the waterfall that adores the area. Following are the activities you can do during the trek to Sharavathi Valley.


You can enjoy camping at Sharavathi Valley, but which place is best? Sharavathi backwater is an amazing area to camp and enjoy your time. It was named after a dam construction at Linganamakki of Shimoga district to the Sharavathi River.

However, you can explore different vegetation and birds during your camping. You can cook a barbecue there, watch different birds and hear their sounds. This place also forms various islands that you can explore for adventure.

Reservoir Island

There is a reservoir island named Honnemaradu, located in the Sagar taluk of Shimoga district. It is a place for amusement, so you can visit it during your trek to Sharavathi Valley. It is known for water sports like windsurfing, canoeing, bird watching, or kayaking. These sports made it attractive for the tourists.

Jog Falls

It is a famous waterfall in Siddapur taluk at Sharavathi valley. It is considered the second-highest plunge waterfall in India. However, it is formed as a result of the Sharavathi River dropping from 830 ft in height. You can visit this place from August to September. Furthermore, it is a nice place for camping and exploring nature.

If you choose the route of Jog Fall, you must visit it to see the nature of this place. There is also a hidden Dabbe Fall located after a small distance from the Jog Fall. You can also visit there to explore more about it.

Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary is an area of about 431 sq. Km in the Sharavathi Valley. This area is mostly covered with green vegetation, valleys, and grasslands. However, it is the best place for flora and fauna. You can enjoy watching butterflies, camping in the backwater area, and watching wild animals. However, it is mainly famous for different species like Mavu, Gulmavu, Dhoopa, etc.


Plan your trek to Sharavathi Valley if you are an adventure lover. But you should know certain things before planning, like the distance, transportation, budget, and the route you should take. Read the article thoroughly to know all about it. Also, share your experience with us in the comment section!

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