Best Kerala Family Tour - Complete Guide to Get the Best Experience

Oct 09, 2023 By Sean William

Do you want to visit Kerala and want to have the best Kerala family tour? Or are you searching to know the best activities that you can do in Kerala? Either way, this article got you covered. Kerala is a heaven for peeps inflicted with wanderlust and for those who are hunting for a place that is best for family tours.

So, secure your seatbelts, and let's embark on a journey to unveil the five Kerala best family tourist places in Kerala, activities to do in Kerala, and the best Kerala family tour packages.

Why Should You Pick Kerala for Tour With Family?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Kerala is the best destination to visit in India. It offers you a complete package, and it has all the key traits that a tourist needs. Especially when you are traveling with your family, you search for places where you can enjoy a wide array of activities. And Kerala surely steps in as a superhero in outdoor activities.

Besides outdoor activities, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing natural beauty of Kerala. Breathtakingly gorgeous beaches, hills, valleys, lakes, and bird sanctuaries all of these astonishing miracles of nature will welcome you to Kerala.

Having said that, if you pick Kerala as your next family trip, you can have a wonderful time. So, figure out the Kerala tour cost and start preparing for your trip.

5 Best Kerala Family Tour Places

Here we will discuss Kerala best family tourist places:

Kochi - Gateway to Kerala

Kochi is one of the best places that you can visit in Kerala along with your family. It is also named Cochin, and it is considered a gateway to Kerala. The main tourist attractions that you can visit in Kochi are Fort Kochi, Cherai Beach, Chinese fishing nets, Bolgatty Island, and Marine Drive.

Plus, the activities that you can enjoy with your family members include snorkeling and ferry rides. You can also go for a spa experience. If you are concerned about ways to reach Kochi, then you can travel by air or rail.

Munnar- Kashmir of South India

Munnar is another amazing place that should be on your bucket list while visiting Kerala. It is located at a whopping 1600 m height above the sea level. Due to its enchanting beauty, it is famous as Kashmir of South India.

It is a small hill town, and it is situated on the bank of three rivers. And Munnar is blessed with a mesmerizing beauty that will make you fall for it. Munnar has all the ingredients, such as hills, lakes, and valleys, that a nature lover craves. So, if you are obsessed with nature and love to spend time with it, then it is a must-visit place.

Some of the most prominent places in Munnar include Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Lockhart Gap, Attukad Waterfall, and Echo Point. The activities that you can enjoy with your family in Munnar include trekking, camping, and boat riding.

Kumarakom- Great Place to Enjoy Activities

Kumarakom is also a good city to consider visiting with your family. It is located on the Vembanad lake’s bank. However, it is a small hamlet but surrounded by ravishing beauty. Moreover, the weather usually stays pleasant, and it plays a key role in making your experience top-notch.

The top places to visit in Kumarakom are Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, and Kumarakom Lake. Another great thing about this city is that you can relish multiple activities with your family. Some activities you can enjoy include angling, kayaking, yachting, bird-watching, and boating.

Alleppey - Venice of India

Alleppey is regarded as the Venice of India. If you are searching for a place with beaches and lagoons, it is a place not to miss. The lush green paddy fields of Alleppey and the palm-fringed canals offer some picturesque. And the tranquil vibe is surely palpable.

Moreover, it has fantastic resorts that will allow you to live in luxury and relax. The prime tourist attractions of Alleppey are Marari Beach, Alappuzha Beach, and Alleppey backwaters. Plus, the main activities that you can enjoy are boat rides, bird-watching, and kayaking.

Thekkady - Best for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Thekkady is a wonderful place to explore for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. A worth mentioning fact about Thekkady is that it is the largest tiger reserve. It has a wide array of flora and fauna, and you can get a chance to view some endangered species as well.

Some of the endangered species that you can see there are sambars, tigers, and long-tail macaques. The best time to get the maximum out of your trip is summer. When it comes to the best places to visit, it include Periyar National Park, Thekkady Lake, and Mudra Cultural Centre. The amazing activities that you can enjoy there include jungle safari, bamboo rafting, hiking, and trekking.

Things to Do in Kerala With Your Family

When it comes to enjoying top-notch time with your family and doing some fun-filled activities, Kerala surely offers endless options. Here, we are going to discuss some of the activities that you can enjoy to have the best Kerala family tour:

Side Train Ride

In Kerala, a train ride is a great way to have some fun. If you and your family like traveling by train, then you should try a train ride. During the journey, the train passes through extremely beautiful areas, and you can enjoy watching the mesmerizing beauty.

Chilling at Beach

Another activity that you can relish in Kerala is chilling at the beach. Kerala beaches have captivating beauty that will keep you hooked. Besides seeing the beach, you can also indulge in other activities, such as snorkeling and fishing.

Cruise Ride

You can also take a cruise and enjoy the enthralling activity. The cruise will take you through jaw-dropping sights that are loaded with natural beauty.

Bird-Watching and Jungle Tour

Kerala also has a lot of bird sanctuaries and jungles. It allows you to see the endangered animals. If you are an animal lover, then it is surely the best activity that you can experience.

4 Best Tour Packages to Visit Kerala With Your Family

If you want to get the maximum out of your Kerala family tour, then choosing the best Kerala family tour package is extremely important. Here are the four best Kerala family tour packages that you can consider going for:

  • Magical Kerala Tour
  • Wonders of Kerala Tour
  • Best of South India Tour
  • Enchanting Kerala Tour

Final Thoughts

To sum up the discussion about the best Kerala family tour, we must say that you need to plan properly. Before the trip, decide which places you want to visit and the days you have allocated for the trip. You also need to evaluate the Kerala tour cost. It will aid you in getting the maximum out of the trip.

Moreover, ensure to pick the best Kerala family tour packages. It will boast the overall quality of your trip. And you can enjoy some hassle-free days.

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