Top 5 Places To Visit In Hanoi, Tourist Places and Top Attractions.

Oct 06, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

The Southeast country of Asia, Vietnam, is filled with the beauty of nature, and Hanoi is its Capital. There is a lot to discover in Hanoi, as the destination has unbelievable spots to explore. The city is a blend of French cuisines with Chinese traditions and learning about their excellent History.

In addition, the streets burst with fantastic architecture along with a vibrant atmosphere. Hanoi is home to various tourist spots and historical temples. Enjoy visiting those historical places and enjoy experiencing their unique festivals and traditions. It's time to explore Hanoi and its iconic destinations, so let's discuss those fantastic places worth visiting.

Visit worthy destinations at Hanoi are below.

Old Quarter

Experience the local life of Vietnam by exploring the Old Quarter. A place is a pack of great streets seeking out the local vibe of Vietnam and learning about its History. Find incredible architecture and food street at the spot. The site is filled with numerous shops and cafes offering a trip to explore on foot. Get your camera ready to record to catch in the street life.

Start the trip by exploring cafes and restaurants, filling the energy by consuming Vietnamese cuisine, French baguettes, and hot coffee or tea. See the scene of motorcycles, cars, and other vehicles moving around the market without disturbing the street through the windows of cafes and pass a memorable time.

Street of Old Quarter

Silver street:

In old times, this street was loaded with shops and stalls of accessories and jewellery, and money chargers were also available, which are still accessible.

Silk Street, also called Hang Gai:

In the heart of Hanoi, in the Old Quarter, this street became famous for selling clothes and outfits. Find vibrant and excellent items. You can get traditional clothes and wonderful embroidered stuff such as dresses, pieces of fabric, etc.

Hang Ma:

The most vibrant street of the old quarter with rich culture is a must-visit in Hanoi. This street perfectly combines traditional and cultural, along with a modern touch. The road is essential to the locals as it offers breathtaking traditional goods and cultural festival decorations.

Continue the journey by visiting excellent street shops selling beautiful jewellery and traditional ornaments. Numerous shops are available, offering conventional and cultural festival decoration. The road also provides several natural herbs and medicines to the visitors and locals. In addition, the vibrant view of this place will catch your eye.

Opera House

The Rich History:

The opera house holds a rich History, a perfect combination of fantastic European style and breathtaking Italian architecture, including a mural roof with marble floors and chandeliers. Talks began in 1901 of building this masterpiece, which took a decade to be completed in 1911. This attraction gets attention for its unbelievable style and architecture. The visit to this place will provide knowledge about the great History of Vietnam. The rich History of this place behind its significant architecture is waiting to be discovered by you.

Art of the place:

If you love art and witness the depth hidden in the canvasses and monuments, this place is for you.

The theater was home to many incredible and talented artists. Innumerable brilliant and skilled artists used to perform at this landmark. High-class locals loved to spend their time at the rope by getting entertained by the outstanding performances of the professional artists. Famous artists from around the globe get invited to give exceptional performances on special occasions. The architecture of the opera house is excellent, with a unique style providing a lovely ambience to the visitors.

Several delightful events are held at the destination—many traditional music and rock song concerts occur annually. The area has regular and VIP seats. The standard seat is worth 100,000 to 500,000 VND, and VIP seats are worth 2 million, providing visitors with a better experience, especially outsiders. So make sure to put this one on the bucket list.

Long Bien bridge

Are you a person who loves to go deep into the History of a place? In that case, we have found the right place for you. Long Bien Bridge is present in Vietnam with a history of 100 years. It is a great place to explore and get knowledge for history lovers.

Talks began in 1897 when Pual Doumor, the General Governor, accepted the plan of building the bridge. About 40 French experts, engineers, and 3,000 local workers were involved in making this bridge. The construction was started in 1899 and continued until 1902. This bridge played an important role in improving the transport of goods and was used as a seaport.

It was named after the French president and General Governor of that time. But after 1954, the name was changed to Long Bien Bridge. In 1903, the bridge became famous, becoming the second giant bridge after the bridge of England in London, the Brooklyn Bridge.

Visit the bridge and be amazed by its different styles. The bridge has a bicycle path and a single path for oversized vehicles. It contains about 20 pillars and 19 beams. The bridge is 2 km across the Red River. Early morning, sunrise and evening are the perfect time to explore this spot and learn about its rich History of more than ten decades. This place is a must-visit for the ones who love to enrich themselves with knowledge of History.

Final Words

So, are you ready to discover these places on your trip to Hanoi? Spend a day in the beauty of Hanoi at the Opera House or Go through the beautiful culture and tradition of Vietnam on foot at the Old Quarter and see multiple unique streets filled with cultural festival decorations and traditional goods. History lovers, take your time getting your feet on the long Bien bridge and getting to know a very different and unique history of Vietnam. All these places have their uniqueness, but the thing that remains the same is their unrealistic architecture. So, let's pack your bags up and start the trip.

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