Bali Cycling Tour Guide With Price, Package and Route

Oct 07, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Cycling is an amazing sports activity that one can enjoy during their tour. It is the best for those who love to do adventurous things. The Bali cycling tour is an amazing trip to enjoy the adventure of downhill cycling. You can enjoy it by sightseeing at different coffee plantations and cultural activities in the countryside.

Cycling enthusiasts not only get the tour package but also have the opportunity to select their favorite route. This article tells you about the best Bali cycling tour, routes, and packages you can select. So, read the article to know which route is best for you.

Best Bali Cycling Tour

Cycling in Bali is not an easy activity, but you will enjoy it fully. Bali is a place known for beaches, hilly areas, and other attractions among adventure enthusiasts. Among the various road cycling Bali tours, you can get the best to have an amazing adventurous experience.

Bali Downhill Cultural Cycling Tour

The Bali downhill cycling tour is a spectacular, adventurous activity in Bali. In this tour, you will experience the natural beauty by driving from the higher landscape to the lower. During cycling, you'll see the beautiful scenes of Bali, and you will admire them. When you pass by the Kintamani Volcano, you can have a cup of coffee.

Also, you'll visit the villages and see Batur Lake while cycling. However, the duration of the tour is almost 8 hours. If you choose any package, you'll have a food facility. This Bali Cycling Tour will give you a lot of experience about the place. Thus, you can choose it if you want to explore the Bali downhill area for 8 hours.

Mount Batur Cycling Tour

Mount Batur is a great place for having a Bali Cycling Tour. You can admire the sights and beauty of the surrounding environment during cycling. Moreover, you will explore the things you normally cannot see while visiting in the car.

During the tour, you'll see the cold lava to enjoy exploring with other group members. If you like swimming, you can catch the opportunity at the hot spring having a view of Batur Lake. However, it is a tour that you can enjoy for almost 9 hours to explore different things.

Bali Countryside Cycling Tour

This tour will take you to see the true Bali areas that you don't see in regular visits. Between the top Bali attractions, you can take some rest in the green environment. To see the whole countryside, you can have this Bali cycling tour.

This tour will let you know the culture of the Bali countryside very closely. You'll pass by the green rice terraces and the beautiful bamboo forest. The lakes in the Bali region have scenic views to let you capture beautiful moments.

Bali Cycling Tour Ubud

Explore the beauty of nature in the Bali region of India by choosing a road cycling Bali tour in Ubud. The experience will be simple, natural, and unique to see the nature of the surroundings and the culture of the local people. Explore the green landscape, valleys, and waterfalls.

You’ll be happy to see the Volcano, lakes, and hilly areas that will enable you to have a breathtaking environment. You’ll also see the beauty of the village for almost a half day.

Bali Cycling Routes

As cycling in Bali isn’t easy, It won’t stop you from trying different routes as an adventure enthusiast. Different routes will allow you to experience different things on the tour. There are certain routes that you can choose for your Bali Cycling Tour. Read about these routes to use the best route to enjoy.

Bali Bike Park

Are you a beginner who wants to do a Bali cycling tour with friends or family? This route will let you have an amazing experience. This route is mainly built for cycling here and enjoying the greenery in the surrounding environment. It is located on the North side of Bali in the Pancasari village.

However, it is a trail in Bali that mountain bikers would love and enjoy. You can enjoy cycling, swimming or eating local food. So, it is recommended to choose the Bali Bike Park route if you are a beginner.

Mount Batur and Kintamani Highlands

This route for Bali Cycling is thrilling because of Mount Batur and the highlands. This mountain trail has an unexplored route for the riders. As an adventure lover, think of having a ride on the mountain trail of Bali; you’ll get a thrilling vibe.

In Bali, it is the tallest peak that you will experience while having a cycling tour. However, when you move towards Caldera Lake, this route becomes challenging for the riders.


If you love to ride on a rocky path and take risks, this path for the Bali Cycling Tour is for you. Also, if you are a professional biker, you’ll enjoy cycling on this route. Ubud Trail is an amazing and adventurous route with beautiful places and sacred temples. The tourists usually stay in the nearby hotels for the Bali Cycling Tour in Ubud.

Bali Cycling Tour Packages

There are many activities included in the packages for Bali Cycling. These packages may include downhill cycling or cycling by Kintamani Volcano, etc. In Bali, you can have a unique and amazing experience of cycling. This will become a good adventure with sightseeing, green landscape, and the culture of people living there.

You can give yourself natural therapy with the Bali Cycling Tour Itinerary. With this tour, you'll get an interesting and memorable experience of the culture and nature of the local people. These packages provide safety measures with good equipment and fully functional bicycles. You'll be guided by a mature, English-speaking person during your tour.

However, Bali is the best place for those who love cycling in the countryside and on different routes. The 6-Day/ 5 Night Cycling Tour Of Bali is a long journey to explore different places like Sanur, Ubud, Jatiluwih, etc. If you want to enjoy a bit more in Bali by cycling, you can choose this package.


You can capture memorable pictures on the Bali cycling tour while exploring the village life or crossing the rice and vegetable farming. Read this article to know about the routes, packages, and tour types.

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