A Complete Banglore Walking Tour

Oct 07, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

Also known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore or Bengaluru might be an excellent destination for all nature lovers. The city is rich in food and culture and is significant in India's history.

One great way to explore the fantastic city is by setting up a walking tour. The same is why we have assembled this ultimate guide discussing all the prominent spots in Bangalore you can consider for having a walking tour.

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Top 5 places to take Bangalore Walking Tour

Here, we discuss some famous stops for an ultimate Banglore walking tour. Please have a look.

Stop 1: City Market

Bangalore is filled with bustling markets, with City Market being prominent. offerings at reasonable prices. From fresh fruits to vegetables and from footwear to traditional clothing, you will find everything available at the market.

Just like any other traditional market in India, the city market also allows you to bring your bargaining powers and skills to practice. Thus, there is no particular price range, as the more you bargain, the fair price you can grab.

Best time to visit: Timings to visit are from 9 am to 10 pm. However, we suggest visiting when the crowd is smaller to get commodities at relatively low prices. Plus, you get to explore the environment peacefully.

Location: The vibrant market is located on the Dharmaraya Swamy Temple road and is famous for obtaining all sorts of

Walking time: The city market offers you a tour of 30 30-minute walk from starting point to end. However, the exact time may vary depending on how much time you want to spend shopping for yourself.

Stop 2: Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a nearly 200-year-old Bangalore garden built during Hyder Ali's era. During the combined Indo-Pak sub-continent, Britishers used the place as a social function park and recreational site.

Find a central glass house that dates back to 1980 and has been used for flower shows ever since. The place doubles its beauty after the sunset, with the last rays of sunshine blending with the indoor lightning system of the glass house, resulting in transitioning shades and a beautiful spectacle.

In addition, the architecture of the place is a clear illustration of the Mughal building style with semi-circular edgy domes and flower petal detailing on the top. The site holds at least two flower shows annually—1 on Republic Day and one on Independence Day.

Location: Lalbagh Botanical Garden covers about 240 acres in South Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Lalbagh is at sunset when the environment transforms itself

Walking time: A tour of the place will take 15 to 20 minutes.

Spot 3: Sri Someshwara Swamy Temple

Also known as Halasuru Someshwara temple, it is one of the oldest temples in India that dates back to the Chola period. The temple is dedicated to the lord of Shiva, known as the creator and destroyer in Hindu beliefs.

According to traditional legends, Kempe Gowda rested under the tree at this place while he was away hunting from his home. The supreme deity appeared in his dream, asking him to build a temple in his honour using all the treasure buried there. When Kempe woke up and dug in, he found the treasure he used to make the temple. Since then, the place has become one of the sacred places for Hindus.

Although the Sri Someshwara Swamy Temple is bustled throughout the year, a special pooja is held on every eve of Mahashivratri. Thus, this place is a must-visit if you are interested in learning about India's culture and beliefs.

Location: The Sri Someshwara Swamy Temple is located near Halasuru, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Best time to visit: Visit the place during the festival of Maha Shivratri to see beautiful decorations and the true cultural heritage of the temple.

Walking time: The walking time of the place is 20 to 40 minutes, depending upon the day you visit.

Spot 4: Sri Chamarajendra Udyanavana

Sri Chamarajendra Udyanavana is also known as Cubbon Park and is one of the significant landmarks in Bangalore. Initially created in 1870 by General Richard Sankey, this place covers around 3000 acres.

Cubbon Park is long known as the home to floral and fauna, along with a wide range of carefully crafted statues and beautiful buildings. In addition, it obtains about 96 types of species with 6000 trees spread all over the park. Some common species found in abundance at the place include Swietenia, Z, grevillea robusta, bamboo, araucaria and cassia fistula.

Sri Chamarajendra Udyanavana might be a great place to visit if you like to relax in a calming environment. So take a break from your hectic tour schedule, visit the park and let your body and mind dissolve in the natural, beautiful, pure atmosphere and beautiful scenes. Breathe in the fresh air while your eyes are treated with colorful flowers.

Location: The Cubbon park is located in the heart of Banglore at Central administrative area, Banglore, Karnataka, India

Best time to visit: You can see the park at any time of the year except for the fall season to rest assured of amazing spectacles.

Walking time: Depends upon how much area you would want to cover in one go.

Last stop: ISKCON Temple, Bangalore

ISKCON temple is also known as Sri Radha Krishna Chandra or simple Radha Krishna temple among commoners. A place is a beautiful place with traditional Hindu architecture, a cool colour theme and a gold-plated flag post (Dhwaja Stambha)

People from all over the country visit the place to ask for their wishes. Festivals such as Rama Navami, Ratha Yatra and Jhulan Utsav are celebrated.

Location: The temple is located at Rajanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Best time to visit: Any time of the year

Walking hour: About 20 to 30 minutes


Bangalore is a fantastic city to visit. Taking a walking tour in Bangalore is a great idea. The content above discusses some amazing and beautiful places for a walking tour of Bangalore. So make sure to read from start to finish.

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